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Space X has launched 2 Kazakhstani satellites
    Today, December 4, 2018, at 00:32, by local time of Astana, the launch of two Kazakhstani science and technology spacecrafts (SC ST) - the KazSTSat microsatellite and the KazSciSat-1 nanosatellite was carried out on the «Falcon 9» launch vehicle from the Vandenberg cosmodrome (California, USA). The launch was in normal operation mode. The purpose of the Project is creation of the science and technology spacecraft (SC ST) to elaborate the technologies of design, assembly and testing of low-orbit spacecrafts, to conduct the scientific researches of the Earth’s ionosphere, to obtain the flight history of subsystem of its own development. As a result of the project implementation, Kazakhstani content will be enhanced during the implementation of the following projects to create space systems.

    The insights obtained within the project will allow to reduce the cost for  creation of future satellites of Kazakhstan and increase the Kazakhstan content in the production of space systems for foreign customers.

            Kazakhstan specialists of «Ghalam»LLP, JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary», Aerospace Committee of the MDAI RK and Institute of Space Technology and Technology of the National Center for Space Research and Technology of the Aerospace Committee of MDAI RK took part in the creation of spacecraft for the first time. It should be noted that the engineers of «Ghalam» LLP jointly with their colleagues from the companies Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited (United Kingdom), Spaceflight and SpaceX have already installed the satellites on the module of the space fourth stage space of the LV since October 23 of current year. This made it possible to remove all restrictions on the transfer of modern space technology. The launch of the Falkon 9 launch vehicle with the constellation of spacecrafts was broadcasting on the air on Spase X. Vandenberg-based observers in California and millions of viewers saw on air a return to the floating platform of the first stage of the Falkon 9 launch vehicle, which was used for the third time.

        Video from the launch can be available by the following link:  https://www.spacex.com/webcast

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