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In November 1, 2018, the opening ceremony of mini-exhibition «Kazakhstan space way» was held in the shopping center MEGA Silk Way

The decision about the organization of mini-exhibition «Kazakhstan space way» in the shopping center MEGA Silk Way was made at the initiative of the Akim of Astana city Sultanov B.T. 

The exhibition aims to popularize space activities in Kazakhstan, the achievements of the national space program and plans for the future, as well as to stimulate public interest in the services of modern space technology. 

At the opening ceremony representatives of Astana Akimat, Deputy Mayor of our capital Amanshayev E.A., Akim of Yessil district of Astana Zakaryanov T.K., Cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Force Major General of RK Aubakirov T.O., the Vice-Minister of the Defense and Aerospace Industry of RK Nurguzhin M.R., the Head of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» Aimbetov A.A.. 

«Everyone knows that the exploration of outer space and the development of space technologies - this is one of the main directions of scientific and technical progress in the modern world. It's no secret that the development of space activities largely determines the political image of any modern state, its economic, scientific-technical and defense power» said in his speech, the Vice-Minister of the MDAI RK Nurguzhin M.R. 

«Space is not only a national prestige. This is a cutting-edge technology, the basis of competitiveness of Kazakhstan's economy and security components of success of our country, Kazakhstan's way to a club of highly developed states of the world. This exhibition is dedicated to you, the younger generation, so that you know which path passes our country for the development of space industry, so you can continue our work» - said in his speech Cosmonaut Tokhtar Aubakirov. 

The speakers thanked the Akimat of Astana city for organizing the exhibition, personally the Akim of Astana, Sultanov B.T. for the initiative of holding this unusual exhibition. As well as the leadership of the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall for providing a platform to accommodate the space mini - exhibition. 

At the end of the presentation, representatives of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» presented to the head of the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall a space image of the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall located next to the EXPO exhibition complex in Astana. 

Unusual items are placed at the mini-exhibition. This is a descent capsule with space parachute, in which landed the third Cosmonaut of Kazakhstan, Halyk Kakharmany, Air Force Major-General Aidyn Aimbetov from spaceship «Soyuz TMA-16M», spacesuit of the Cosmonaut of Aidyn Aimbetov, models of the Earth remote sensing KazEOSat -1 and KazEOSat -2 satellites. 

The information stands of Kazakhstan Cosmonauts Tokhtar Aubakirov, Talgat Mussabayev and Aidyn Aimbetov are also presented to the visitors. 

The exhibition will run from November 1 to March 31, 2018. 

Employees of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» during this period are planning to hold presentation campaigns on the services and products of the Earth Remote Sensing Space System and the High-Accuracy Satellite Navigation System.







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